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String Workshop 2023

Manawatu Youth Orchestra and Manawatu Sinfonia
String Workshop with the Aroha Quartet

March 25-26 2023

Tutors for the workshop:
Elizabeth Patchett - first violins
Konstanze Artmann - second violins
Nick Hancox - violas
Robert Ibell - cellos
Alanna Jones - double basses

What you need to bring:
Please bring your instrument, a pencil (2B or more), an eraser and a music stand. We will
provide the music on the day, but please use the links at the bottom of this page to download so you can practice beforehand.
You will need to bring your own lunch, and we will provide morning and afternoon tea.
The workshop will be held at Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School, Palmerston North (56 Linton Street). Go in the main entrance and we will meet in the auditorium to start with. 

The concert:
The workshop will finish with a short concert at Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School (3.15pm Sunday). Please tell your family and friends to come along and hear what you have achieved!

Workshop Timetable
Saturday 25 March
9:30-10.45am sectional rehearsals
10.45-11:15am morning tea
11:15-12.30pm string ensemble rehearsal
12.30-1.30pm lunch
1.30-2:45pm sectional rehearsals or general musicianship session for all players
2:45-3.15pm afternoon tea
3.15-4:30pm string ensemble rehearsal

Sunday 26 March
9:30-10.45am sectional rehearsals
10:45-11:15am morning tea
11.15-12:30pm string ensemble rehearsal
12:30-1:30pm lunch
1.30-2:45pm dress rehearsal
2:45-3:15pm afternoon tea
3:15-4:30pm Friends and family concert
Elgar Serenade 
Corelli Concerto Grosso in D maj Op 6 No 4 (10’)
Introduction to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture for the cellos and basses
Mamma Mia for cellos and basses 
Dvorak Terzetto Op 74 for the combined violins and violas 
Violin I: Elgar   Corelli   Dvorak
Violin II: Elgar  Corelli  Dvorak
Viola: Elgar  Corelli  Dvorak
Cello: Elgar  Corelli  Tchaikovsky  MammaMia
Bass: Elgar  Corelli  Tchaikovsky  MammaMia


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