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2022 Manawatu Youth Orchestra

Auditions for membership of this year's Manawatu Youth Orchestra will be held in Room 116, Square Edge Creative Centre (The Rawlins Room), Thursday evening the 10th of February starting at 7pm, and Friday evening the 11th of February starting at 7pm.

Auditions for all Violin players who are presenting an audition for Violin 2 only, will commence at 7pm, on Thursday evening (10th) and for all Violin players presenting an audition for Violin 1, at approximately 8pm. Auditions for all Woodwind and Brass players will commence at 7pm on Friday evening (11th), and approximately 8pm for all Viola, Cello and Bass players. Intending members who are unable to be present at these times may contact the conductor to arrange an alternative time. Players should make every effort to attend at the set times. Note that to be eligible for leader positions any alternative audition must before (or very soon after) the audition dates.

Audition pieces for certain instruments are available online. Only players of Violin, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, and Trumpet have set pieces. Players of these instruments also need to select a piece(s) or study(s) totalling 30 to 90 seconds, so as to best show their ability (grade 5 music or higher is most appropriate). For instruments other than that mentioned above, you must select any piece(s) or study(s) totalling 90 to 180 seconds. You should ensure that this best shows your ability. The audition pieces for those instruments with set pieces are available for download from the orchestra's website ( Players of such instruments need to present both the piece they have chosen to rehearse and the set audition piece for their respective instrument.

Further information can be found on the audition sheet.

Audition pieces 2022:

Violin I

Violin II





For further queries, contact Isaac Henderson: Email Isaac

Note: Auditions are proceeding as normal despite the red alert level setting. However, as a requirement of our venue, all persons aged 12 years 3 months and over must have a valid vaccination pass. Players and their parents must wear a mask, which may be removed by wind and brass players only when they are playing their instrument. More detailed policy will be released to players who are accepted into the orchestra about how risks surrounding COVID-19 will be managed at rehearsals.

2022 Manawatu Sinfonia

Are you a musician who enjoys playing in an orchestra? If so, then the Manawatu Sinfonia may have a place for you. Make contact with us by letter, phone or email, and tell us about your music experience.

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